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  1. Oh, thanks for fixing the tabs! Didn't even notice the parameters were not specified with the "O" at the end correctly. I've been using the wiki as a bit of a walkthrough, so I don't see the harm in it going on the wiki. That is all really great information you have. Still confused which raid bosses would show up for: 131-139 163-169 189-192 221-300 Guess those just need more investigation? Excited that there are two more Raid Bosses coming! When I saw the wiki only had four, I was a bit bummed out because that was too few and I've seen them all already. I wish they went with an easier way to know which Raid Boss you'd get though, like they did for the last two. Also, someone fixed the words clashing with the picture, which is great! However, if too many spawn quests are listed in that parameter, it squishes the table so that's it difficult to read. Is it possible to force a line break on a parameter that has too many characters or do we need a second parameter so we don't have to list them all in one parameter? For a good example of this, look at the Darkside page.
  2. So I've noticed a few issues with the Raid Bosses template that I'm not sure how to fix myself. Or not even sure if it's just an issue only I'm experiencing since I'm using FireFox or my smaller screen size on my laptop. 1. Most notably, the Omega tab doesn't actually work. I can see the information lives in the wiki, but it cannot seem to be displayed. 2. The picture on the right tends to clash with the words on the left, which makes it difficult to read. Also, there's a general lack of information that I'll fill in when I can, but feel I could use a bit of help: 1. Omega drops are just not present. 2. Some Raid Boss rewards seem to only go up to level 19. 3. Raid Boss information after 200 seems to be pretty sparse. All the main wiki text seems to mention is anything before 200, but we still get raids after 200, so not sure how to best compile this information.
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