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  1. Thanks for the input from both of you~ Super helpful
  2. Hey all! Before I start I need to point out that I really had no idea where the best place to post this question would be I'm writing here to ask you all if you think it would be a good idea to stream KH3 when it releases. There are a few reasons for and against streaming I'd like to add as my own opinions, but I'd like to hear your input on the matter too. My reasons FOR streaming KH3 are: I absolutely love KH, It's my all time favourite thing I really enjoy streaming and building a community around the things I love I think a lot of people would enjoy seeing me react to the game live My reasons AGAINST streaming KH3 are: Spoilers for the viewers watching I'd only be able to play it when I want to stream I'm unsure on whether or not it will get that many views So with all that being said, do you think it would be a good idea to stream KH3? On a side note, if you would like to check out my channel here is the link: https://www.twitch.tv/pinklion (Username is a reference to SU)
  3. Hey again everyone! Usually I reply with a news update, but this time I'm replying with a way that you can help the team out with the game! I've recently started a GoFundMe to get funds to be able to pay for the final assets the game really needs (this being music and digital art!) With your generous contributions, the game should not only get finished, but it'll also be AWESOME! If you have Steam, you will receive a free Steam Key for the game for any donation you make towards the GoFundMe project. This means that even the minimum donation of £5/$5 will net you a free Steam Key! You can find the GoFundMe here: https://www.gofundme.com/precipice-entertainments-game-fund Any shares are also appreciated if you're unable to donate! The top 3 people who generate enough donations through sharing will also receive a free Steam Key once the game is released! Thank you for any donations you make, and Aziel, Chester and Irene will see you very soon!
  4. I get fat from chocolate and have a sugar meltdown and eventually realise how pointless it all is as we shall all one day fade into nothingness.
  5. Sorry for keeping you all in the dark for such a long time, but we've been super busy and have a bunch of new artwork! Most of it, I can't share, but here's a piece I think you'll all LOVE! It's a promotional piece showing the Council of Gods interacting with each other! The Council of Gods serve as antagonists for a large portion of the game~
  6. Just 2 and a half~ without sleep. (I saved the sleeping for Sora and Riku, you see.) Not too hard of a trophy, if I have to be honest. It just takes a ton of time and effort. I'm willing to help anyone with missing trophies, too! ^-^
  7. Zero EXP is gained at the start of the game. All you need to do is enable it once you've got all the other abilities. And for a star rank, just use a ton of dream pieces for both the required ones, and wait until the forecast when dropping gives you a rank up forecast, if that makes sense?
  8. After days of grinding, I finally have the platinum trophy for KHDDD!
  9. Thanks a bunch for understanding. It really means a lot. We will be working hard to make this the best that we can~
  10. Hey all, thanks a bunch for all the support you've given us over these past few months. Unfortunately, I'm going to be the bearer of bad news and tell you something really depressing. I don't think releasing a demo in the game's current state would be a good idea. I really want to make something amazing, and to do this I need to wait until development is almost finished. This will take a very long time, but please look forward to what we have in store for you. We have been working very hard to create new plot points, new characters and much, much more. The game itself has changed a whole lot since the last time we spoke, but the main story and the team's goals remain the same. You've all been wonderful supporters and I'd hate to post this without giving you something brand new to get excited over, so without further ado, please welcome two of our newest characters: Angel and Muffin!
  11. There will be a trailer. Also thanks a bunch for the kind comments! BRAND NEW EDIT! After a VERY long wait, we have more news! The series will be doing a manga in the future (Hopefully!) and we should have a brand new artist (Or more, perhaps!) joining the team and helping out with the game. For now, I've got some amazing news prepared to show you. I call it the Book of Magic! Not sure where this part of the project is going, but it will add a whole bunch of lore to the series, and should be an interesting read once it's finished! Again, I'm very excited to announce all this new news, and hope you can all forgive me for the long wait! The demo is currently taking a while due to the lack of a digital artist so it still may be a while! Keep your hopes up! A trailer should also be available soon, once enough gameplay has been added to the demo! If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer! Thanks once again, Vodka~
  12. It feels nice, however the controls are kinda weird. You try running towards them but you end up running to the side, as though you're at a forced distance away from them.
  13. Cartwheel even has this graphical 'sonic boom' effect on it like aerial dodge in the KH3 trailer. Aerial dash is also amazing with its effects. I forgot to write this earlier but the speed you run around normally is really really nice, too.
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