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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. I am calm its clear, no one cares that someone with a track record of being a thief is getting away with shit so I am done peace out
  2. no one cares no one should do anything about it
  3. no one cares guesss we shouldnt care we're killing the planet right Hawk
  4. kay then, let some random firetruck known to be a huge thief run rampant
  5. and how is it that she apparently has the memory archives and says its HER own content she made
  6. literally she's copyrighting the recap videos and is labelling it as her own content how do ppl make money on yt, via content they post
  7. and to prove it Suzy LU has been thieving
  8. someone that is known for theft of other ppl's content
  9. lmfao okay keep supporting someone like Suzy Lu
  10. really go watch the cutscene videos and this video where's the yt's name on the video
  11. all this person did was take the mini yt videos and put into a long video and he/her are making money off it and the difference is the other leave a watermark on their videos or content
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