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  1. :) keyblade keychain (oblivion and oathkeeper) you will very soon be mine
  2. As I Kingdom Hearts fan I can say with certainty that I am extremely interested in this position. Ever since the first Kingdom Hearts game that came out for the PlayStation 2. It was from that moment I was enticed the Kingdom Hearts universe and diverse characters. Furthermore, with every new installment of the game and the manga adaptation I was only further drawn into the world. It was due to passion and interest that I would try to find any info I could on Kingdom Hearts from lore to developments to theories of games, gathering information from game magazines, fan sites and varies social media. Also I even bought and played out the original Final Mix games for the PlayStation 2 that originally where in only Japanese at the time to just expand on my knowledge of the lore that was unavailable in American at the time. (only know small keywords, Japanese characters and previous game play that I could understand the game) It is due to my knowledge of the Kingdom Hearts universe and unbiased nature/open mindedness that I would be a suitable candidate. Furthermore, I to a degree religiously play Kingdom Hearts X (Unchained). Also I am currently college student I’m constantly improving on my writing skills tailoring them to fit numerous writing styles depending on what I am writing. It is with all my skills, knowledge, and passion of Kingdom Hearts that I believe i would be a great asset to the team. Thank you for the opportunity and good luck for all the applicants If wanting to see any of my writing to examine will send.
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