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  1. So I've used the free event jewels to buy the 10 bundle of pretty marginal 6*s --- live and learn. I'm starting to run up against the limit of 50 medals. From reading this forum I see that several people said increasing your metal limit was a mistake they made. 1) Is upping your metal limit a bad thing? 2) What should I do with fairly bad 6*s that I am never going to use? For example Tinker Bell and Pain/Panic seem not very useful. Is selling the best option or using to level up other medals? 3) I never got a response on another topic about should I evolve lower medals, i.e. 3*s and below. If I have a good 1*s or 2*s, is it worth it to level all the way to 6* or does that just take way too long? Thanks for any help you can give!
  2. From reading here and knowing enough of RPGs, I spent my initial 3000 Jewels on two of the special one 6*, four 5* deals. I got a couple of good 5*s but both 6*s seem average. Is it worth it to level 6*s that are average and I'm not using much? Will I have enough blade rooms to use multiple 6*s at a time? What is the practical maximum for blade space? It seems like there might be enough ways to get medals that it won't hurt to level them anyway. Thoughts on this? How worth it is to evolve medals? I can see evolving good 5*s to 6 but I may be wrong on that too. Is that a good idea? If you get a good medal at 2* or even 1* is it worth trying to level it all the way up to 5* or 6*? I see the process but it may take so long that I will end up getting the higher * medals without the slow evolution process. Thanks for any help!
  3. I am about a week into KHUX and I'm trying not to spend stuff too early or on things that won't last very long. I have the three single skill keyblades but I haven't leveled them past level 4 so I can get a fourth slot. Orichalcum seems very limited and rare. I currently have 2. Should I used Orichalcum on these three blades or wait Olympia or Desert Rose, etc...? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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