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  1. About the fight with Sora I just think he just wanted Sora to know that he's alive.
  2. Sorry. It's because I didnt remember him using it in this fight. And now this really makes sense kkk. Thanks again to everyone.
  3. Thanks now i get it. Riku probaly has proved himself worthy to be one keyblade wielder, then when Diz's machine exploded and took out the darkness of the riku the way to down went to him rigth ?
  4. So technically speaking Riku has two keyblades ? This part that confuses me.
  5. I know, because of Ventus heart. But because of that moment when the key of the Kingdom go to protect Sora in Destiny Islands riku failed to call it again? And then he learns how to summon the soul eater and only when Sora got close to him in Hollow Bastion again that he managed to call her back?
  6. I know he learn how to summon it after that. But he already had the kingdom key. And i didnt understand that part. And for some reason the soul eater evolves to the way to dawn (i know about the name simbolizes this thing about KHCoM) but how it evolved changing his form ?
  7. I don't know if it is something that I miss. But if the kingdom key is Riku's keyblade in the majority of KH1 how did he picks up a second keyblade ? In the case im talking about the soul eater. And how the soul eater evolved itself to the way to dawn after KHCoM ? Obs: Sorry if i wrote something wrong, its because im from Brazil and im training my english kkk.
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