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  1. Birth By Sleep holds the record for most hours I've put into any game, so yea that one.
  2. Honestly I loved X Back Cover the most, I just found the characters and story really interesting! (Though 0.2 was a really close second!)
  3. Im really looking forward to Logan, Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 is a close second though!
  4. soragirl13

    Dreams of Flowers

    To fuel my Ventus obsession, I give a flower filled dream to the fandom. Copy and paste was my best friend....

    © soragirl13

  5. soragirl13

    Chibi Ventus

    I may have a slight obsession with this child...

    © soragirl13

  6. soragirl13

    Ventus Screenshot Redraw

    I originally made this is when the opening for 0.2 was released. I never got around to posting it though, hope everyone likes it. : )

    © soragirl13

  7. Hey there, could you please add some words to your post here? http://kh13.com/forum/topic/103610-which-kingdom-hearts-character-are-you-most-looking-forward-to-seeing-in-28/?p=1916142 One word posts are not allowed in serious threads.

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