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  1. Birth By Sleep holds the record for most hours I've put into any game, so yea that one.
  2. Honestly I loved X Back Cover the most, I just found the characters and story really interesting! (Though 0.2 was a really close second!)
  3. soragirl13

    What superhero film are you most looking forward to in 2017?

    Im really looking forward to Logan, Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 is a close second though!
  4. soragirl13

    Dreams of Flowers

    To fuel my Ventus obsession, I give a flower filled dream to the fandom. Copy and paste was my best friend....

    © soragirl13

  5. soragirl13

    Chibi Ventus

    I may have a slight obsession with this child...

    © soragirl13

  6. soragirl13

    Ventus Screenshot Redraw

    I originally made this is when the opening for 0.2 was released. I never got around to posting it though, hope everyone likes it. : )

    © soragirl13

  7. Most of my love goes to the Ventus child!
  8. soragirl13

    What was the best part of New Years Eve?

    Playing video games lol.
  9. I'd pick Ventus, he being my absolute favorite and all!