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  1. Riku is more meant for Terra as he is Terra's successor. Aqua and Sora have quite a bit in common and he would be more right to save Aqua. I'm hoping Aqua gives both Sora and Riku a nice big thank you. Like the picture below.
  2. So guys I know at the end of 0.2 Yensid sent Riku and Mickey to find Aqua. But I don't believe that Sora will be left out of this venture. There have been so many hints that have been shown through other games showing Sora would be the one to rescue not only Aqua but Terra,Ven, Roxas, Axel, Xion, and anyone else I missed. I believe it's more of a natural role for Sora to do the rescuing. My theory in Kingdom Hearts 3 is that after Sora finishes Olympus he will go back to Yensid's and be named Master, Sora will then have a sad look on his face and Goofy or Donald will ask what's wrong. When Sora responds he'll say he wishes that Mickey and Riku were here and that's when Yensid tells Sora where they are. Sora will then ask why he wasn't told as Aqua is his friend too, Yensid will admit that and Sora on his way to help Riku and Mickey find Aqua. I can't be the only one who thinks things like this. Does anyone else have any good theories?
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