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  1. After the previous upgrades of KH Union X and the new Nomura artwork released a few days ago, the web has lately been turning many theories on Strelitzia and Lauriam, today placing the two videos of the theories of the Italian youtuber Alpha13a (do not worry, there are subtitles in English thanks to the youtube system) a very good youtuber in the theories, that will talk about the fate of Strelitzia, Lauriam, of the possible "seventh secret apprentice", hooded figure and other interesting things. (This theory came out last week) Title (english): THE TWIST OF THE FIFTH LEADER https://youtu.be/suZRwx0I5nA (This theory came out yesterday) Title (english): KH UNION CROSS PERSONAGEMENTS + ANALYSIS OF NEWS AND THEORIES https://youtu.be/NAjxWiDUtsA
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