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    Help with KeyBlades and Medals

    Hi everyone, i have just downloaded this game and have used my jewels on some pulls. Was hoping to get a pull on 0.2 kairi but it didnt happen and got stuck with a load of other medals. I do not know which keyblades to use/get to maximise my damage, and which medals goes to which slot for a longterm usage, so i posted here to get help. Here are the list of medals that i currently have: POWER: Ansem Alice Beast Black Coat king Mickey DiZ Halloween Goofy B Illustrated Ansem KH Cloud KH 2 black coat Riku A KH 2 black coat Riku B Lexaeus A Master Eraqus Musketeer Goofy Neku Pooh A Riku Replica Saix A SP Ansem SP Vanitas Timeless Goofy Valor Form Sora Xaldin A Zack SPEED: Axel A Daisy Hydra Iago Illustrated Ventus KH 2 Riku KH CoM Namine KH CoM King Mickey Lucifer Musketeer Mickey Pain and Panic Uniform Selphie Ventus-Vanitas Xigbar A MAGIC: AntiForm Sora Cogsworth Donald B Demyx A Final Form Sora HD Namine Illustrated Xion Illustrated KH 2 Kairi Ice Titan KH 2 Leon A KH 2 King Mickey KH Aerith Key Art #7 Key Art #8 Luxord Lady Tremaine and Daughters Musketeer Donald Mr. Smee Monstro Minnie Pluto Pinocchio Vivi Wisdom Form Sora Thanks for anyhelp given!