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  1. Okay I have been wonderingiven about this for a while should Roxas and Venus both be freed from Sora'so heart and Sora lose his key blade and Venus regain his body, what will happen to Roxas, he was able to use two key blades simultaneously but only due to his connection with two wielders so if he becomes a real person then will he have to earn a keyblade from scratch? Seems unfair for the only dual wielder. Also is it just me or does Naminé make no sense since we found out about ventus and that nobodies are essentially carbon copies of their whole selves. I get she's an exception since she was born from Sora and Kairi's connection in KH1 but does that mean that she's sorta Ventus and Kairi's daughter? And then is Roxas like Ventus and Sora's kid? I get they hadn'the flushed out the whole nobody concept by KH2 but still it's funny and a little weird to think about in heinseit.
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