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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. I wouldn't even put him that low He's D-tier for me Not the absolute worst, but still terrible
  2. I guess you'd put Xion for the same reason I'd put Namine :GWcmeisterPeepoShrug:
  3. https://tiermaker.com/create/kingdom-hearts-characters-4243 @2 quid is good_1549911084 Found it
  4. @2 quid is good_1549911084 https://tiermaker.com/create/kingdom-hearts-ocs I found one
  5. The V-Blade

    General Chat

    British Empire... but down under
  6. The V-Blade

    General Chat

    But I love how of ALL things to put to show independence, it's the Southern Cross
  7. The V-Blade

    General Chat

    I love how our flag has the Union Jack in the corner along with the Southern Cross
  8. The V-Blade

    General Chat

    America is the exception because they wanna do EVERYTHING differently
  9. The V-Blade

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    I mean am I wrong lol
  10. The V-Blade

    General Chat

    Yeah we do Australia is cut from Britain's cloth So no surprise
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