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  1. I like to imagine that. I mean in CoM that’s the memories she gave Sora. That she was friends with Sora, Riku and Kiari and then slowly replacing Kiari. We see Roxas lives in Twilight Town.
  2. So does Namine live on Destiny Islands now?
  3. Oh hey I remember that episode The Book had a happier ending for Henry.
  4. Nomura said in an interview he planned the final fantasy characters to return. No the models were ready. They just were never used. Nomura said he had the staff go as far as make models. But he couldn’t find a place to put them in the story so they were cut. A few of his employees were upset with him for having them make make models without using them.
  5. WHAT WHHAAAAAAAAAAT So this is that model they said they made but didn’t use
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