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  1. Yknow one time I came across a note book that I wrote in 10 years ago. It was full of badly drawn characters and sentences that had pour words used. It’s all about a make believe game I made up at the age of 7.
  2. nods Well done Team Osaka. Well done.
  3. Yknow what. There are times where I can’t believe that KH:FM was mostly built from the ground up, cause they only found 15% KH1:FM assets. The game in the remake feels and plays like the original title.
  4. You can thank Jontron for YouTube's list here
  5. That's kinda what makes the Movie plots in KH3 the weakest in the series. Here's a good example on what makes a Movie Plot in KH Good. The amount of Impact Sora and Friends effect the movies story. In KH1 in the Tarzan World Kerchak doesn't die like in the actual Movie. It doesn't have to be to that degree. Sora Donald and Goofy Joining Jack Sparrow and Will to Save Elizabeth. Also Pete teaming up with Barbosa. Just make it more than The Disney Movie. I don't mind retellings either. But I want to more than the Disney Movies.
  6. I'll give Tangled World this. It at least had the moments of Sora and Crew Helping Repunzuel know the world. Frozen has so little, Sora's motivation aside helping because it's the right thing to do felt shallow. They Only Talk to Elsa and Anna ONCE!!
  7. I hate that they never mention Ben. Considering Peter watched Tony die. That should easily remind him of Ben. But no. It’s like he never existed or Peter doesn’t care about him.
  8. Okay. I’m glad I wasn’t misremembering
  9. I just realized something. Was that scene with Spider-Man joking around with the cops removed? Cause I don’t remember seeing it in the theater today.
  10. I should let you know. I don't know everything when it comes to porting from blender to sfm. Like with humanoid models. Eye flexes to the face. Look I got a lot on my plate as is at the moment
  11. Okie. I know how to port models from blender to sfm
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