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  1. Cause they’ve been my weakest link. And I refers to pay And I can’t do the Uber expert things because none of my attacks do more than 1 damage most of the time. But I’m so over leveled for a lot of the story missions and stuff that it’s hardly fun
  2. So here’s a stupid question. How does one earn jewels?
  3. Correct. So like Luke marrying Mary jade isn’t canon. Unless they introduce her and have it be that Kylo killed her.
  4. Everything that is directly created by lucasfilms is considered canon. So all of the movies numbers 1-9. Rouge one, Solo, the clone wars, rebels, the new show, as well as any books like Phasma or extra media like battlefront 2 released after the buyout are canon as well So for example, the old Thrawn of the heir to the empire trilogy isn’t canon. But Thrawn as a character is because he’s been reintroduced.
  5. Also, saber crystals are... funny things. Sometimes savers use more than one. And they use them for either a duel length function, or just for extra abilities. I like to consider myself a minor expert in Star Wars. So if people have any questions or theories feel free to ask. I love to share.
  6. The side guards are pretty much exactly for that. We see him use them in force awakens stabbing Finn. They’re probably more designed to stab opponents while in a saber lock, or to stop people from sliding down the blade. Plus given that his crystal is unstable, the side guards also serve as a funneling device to stop stop his lightsaber from exploding.
  7. @ConnahDC also, he did get smacked, but it looked more like a parrying blow. Not something designed to kill.
  8. @Novayon Well he stabbed him with what looks like his side guard. Those things are at most a foot long.
  9. The books were safely away with Ray anyway. And besides, Luke was never gonna burn the tree. He had tried dozens of times before.
  10. I disagree Yoda destorying the tree was just pushing Luke
  11. But an equal balance between light and dark.
  12. Well, given what is stated in Last Jedi, he force itself desires balance
  13. I’d rather see them go and take the place of the Gods on Mortis. I think it would make slightly more sense. And it would tie in the clone wars and stuff
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