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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. Oh Lord. I never made it through GBA CoM Mostly cause someone borrowed it and never gave it back
  2. Riku moreso uses any control he has of the darkness for good That's even worse I think they should have stayed away from weird sense for darkness.
  3. That was probably the best you got out of Riku in CoM. Not gonna lie but the whole smelling darkness stuff was dumb
  4. KH2 was redemption in forgiveness from friends. But Riku never forgave himself for it until DDD
  5. It's a not a true redemption until you forgive yourself and accept it
  6. Nah Riku was straight up doubting himself. DDD was the full redemption Like even in KH2 Riku still doubted himself severely. Like he was beating himself up over it for the longest time.
  7. @ghyul5 I'm gonna have to ask you to stop with the lies. For real though I hated Riku for the longest time and then Dream Drop Distance happened. Got me on that full redemption arc right there.
  8. I don't think I understand Ansem at all, but I beat him on the first try That one I call luck
  9. Xigbar, Larxene, and Luxord make my bottom 3. Luxord is just stupid easy to begin with. Xigbar and Larxene took 2 tries each so they weren't bad either.
  10. Vexoria

    General Chat

    Yeah OVA BRS is very close to the original designed model from Miku's BRS music video
  11. Vexoria

    General Chat

    The Game BRS is very Tech related. Pointy jacket wings, mechanical looking weapons, etc.
  12. Vexoria

    General Chat

    The game was really good from what I played
  13. Vexoria

    General Chat

    I had an OVA BRS figma too, but she was a resold super glued one because the original BRS figma had some issues.
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