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  1. LMAO they said Sony! First of all Sony has nothing to do with KH, so that was big red flag there. Second, Sony just signed a deal with Netflix to put their new releases on it after their theatrical run. They also signed a deal with Disney so some of their movies and shows will be on Disney+ starting in June. Basically Sony working with both Netflix and Disney.
  2. Aqua's Guard is just a basic Barrier. But Barrier and Reflect are technically the same thing. Barrier Surge is called Reflect Blitz in the Japanese version.
  3. Reflect is pretty busted. It doesn't help that Lion Sora is actually broken as all hell either. Combining the two is pretty OP
  4. I feel like people give Disney too much slack, especially those who mention the whole Dissidia was supposed to be KH thing. Many are misinformed that Disney said no to it. But it never left the conceptual stage because Nomura wasn't okay with Disney characters fighting each other. So I definitely see Disney being cool with a KH Musuo. Especially since we've got just the slightest bit of information to suggest they'd be cool with Sora in Smash
  5. Do you all think Ephemer will give the Player something? The Player isn't exactly just an avatar to witness this story with by this point so they're gonna have some sort of prominent role from here on out
  6. I think something else is planned for the 20th Anniversary next year. KH4 very unlikely. Either a true fan service filled spinoff will happen or one last side title leading into KH4 will be out for the 20th If it's the former I'm begging for a Warriors/Musuo title. It's very likely to be the latter though
  7. I've got it installed on PS5 so I can finally see it in "Pro Status" since I never had a Pro
  8. The last use of Darklings were the ones that took over the Cy-bugs while they were in Sugar Rush
  9. I only skip anything that is relatively just movie plot But Player interactions with Chirithy are definitely a big deal as they have some significance to them
  10. I literally have the brain power of Sora Which in all technicality is not good
  11. I'm not good at theorizing so I just listen to others or go off hunches
  12. Just small bits which were repurposed into UX and the Back Cover stuff
  13. I never have to worry about that. I'm in Vulpes and Vulpes always number 1
  14. I'm gonna stick to Sora being MoM until I'm wrong. The fun part will be that I honestly wouldn't care if I'm wrong but I'd have plenty of people lined up ready to tell me that I was wrong I think the reason for that though is because they're honestly so pressed about it that they just want to prove somebody else wrong
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