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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. The point being it would honestly be laughable to see PC or this weird Google console greet all of the current KH titles with open arms while XB1 and Switch sit there wondering when they get a turn.
  2. Perhaps, but are they gonna take the time and resources to rebuild these games and in terms of Overwatch, are they gonna take that to also build out the server for Switch based play.
  3. It drives me nuts cause when the switch launched we were in year 2 of Overwatch popularity and they were like "oh it could run Overwatch!"
  4. By everything I just mean a general means of they really think it can handle KH3, FFXV. DMC5, etc.
  5. Cause XB1 is still just KH3 and Switch owners keep expecting to get everything
  6. If that happened I would be rolling
  7. Lol what kind of shit that would be right?
  8. Also the way they keep talking about Crit Mode it's almost as if they're designing an entirely different game
  9. It's nice that the one thing I had hoped for out of a Development based conference was kind of touched up on
  10. Honestly without Revenge Value KH2 wouldn't be held as high as it is.
  11. MatPat's theories come across as force fed Mostly because his growing fanbase takes it to new toxic levels of "it's real I tell you"
  12. I'm honestly surprised no one is discussing the suggestion that the Arendelle we got was not the Arendelle we were meant to receive It's a decent theory
  13. If anything I'd like a crit mode update, but it's mostly just going to be questions on the switch to UE4 and shit like that
  14. Oh right I have KH3 Sora, Monster Sora, KH3 Riku, Vanitas, and Sora Riding Heartless Wave as well
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