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  1. I don't know how KH managed to be my favorite series when I'm in a Love-Hate relationship with 50% of the titles
  2. But guys you don't understand! Disney will make them release it for free.
  3. They did offer deeper gameplay improvements Just wish they offered more content
  4. Not to mention Xigbar/Luxu continuously taunts Sora about a far greater destiny to follow than what he believes he is following. Also who did the voice of YX in that scene? There's no way it's the same as the YX we know most
  5. His eye sees the future because the blade with the eye in it has been to the future That's the point. It's not that it can see the future It that it has been to the future and seen the future.
  6. Eh....there's an eye on the keychain too, but I get it that the big eye on the blade itself seems more important
  7. I'm mostly hoping it's Sora. On one hand it'll mark another time I've had a childhood thing come to fruition in KH. On the other hand I get this super cool dialogue between MoM and Sora about looking in the mirror Just the perfect amount of corny, cringey dialogue for KH
  8. When I look at MoM I see a time traveler who has seen it all and gives it a direct path Oh it for sure is Strelitzia. If not that would just be weird
  9. That also doesn't change my belief that it's still some variation of Sora
  10. Oh no I think he has dark intentions
  11. That's what I'm digging at myself. I think MoM is trying to get a more desired result for himself whether or not it's at the expense of himself
  12. Okay but what if his name Luxu isn't even the name he was born with. I mean sounds crazy but I wouldn't put it past Nomura
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