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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.
  1. Yeah but what reason are they even in the worlds in 2 besides messing with Sora? They really have no reason to be there besides dropping the boss heartless(Which is in of itself pointless since Sora's gonna fight a heartless whether they're there or not) and dipping sans Xaldin. Yeah Luxord does the Parley thing but why is Luxord there in the 1st place? To toy with Sora? Xigbar is trolling but for what point? And why specifically Land of Dragons? I could drop him in any other world and his role would be the same. And Demyx, okay he's there to attempt to wake up Roxas. Quite literally the laziest one is ironically one of 2 with any true reason why he's there. Xaldin is at Beast's Castle independent of Sora being there completely. So of the 4 Org members we see in the worlds only 2 actually have a reason to be there. In 3 the majority of them are at these worlds independent of Sora, save Vanitas and they all make clear why they are there. Luxord and Vexen are at The Caribbean to look for the Black Box. Vanitas is at Monsters Inc. to recover via Scream Energy and get Ventus' Heart from Sora. Larxene and Marluxia are on Seven Princesses of Heart Scouting. Young Xehanort and Riku Replica are on Heart Research for Replicas Xigbar is tasked with watching Sora. Ansem SoD is tasked with getting Ansem The Wise Xemnas is basically with Saix as the Assistant. The only ones not doing anything are Terra-Xehanort, Xion (Both of who probably weren't recruited at that point), Xehanort, and Demyx, who's a plot point because of him being benched.
  2. I honestly don't see the interest of fighting the Org members in disney worlds, considering that literally only happened once, with Xaldin and Demyx was a glorified minigame. The only one I could see that fitting with is Vanitas. Since he was the only one who there to actively fight Sora and didn't have any buisness in the World Beyond that.
  3. Any opinions on those kyroo medals? People are saying the might either be universal trait medals or further evolve medals. prob the latter
  4. https://reddit.app.link/bYPHmsONCY
  5. RIP Then. I'll just keep pulling for Ven then.
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