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  1. That pretty much confirmed it for me And with the items looking like the emblems from oathkeeper and oblivion I’d say it’s a safe bet
  2. Aw so the reports you get for beating critical and getting all the emblems is for oblivion and oathkeeper nice. Good thing i got both of those already
  3. Wonder if nomura is referring to verum Rex when he said that he wants to release a game before kingdom hearts 4
  4. Aw okay cause i saw ppl saying a date but i didn’t see one started in the trailer itself so i was confused
  5. Maybe they’ll do one more trailer
  6. Givin the recent ux medals with Leon cloud and sephiroth I kind of expect them regardless if the medals were based off disiddia
  7. It’ll all be from sora’s POV but just going from fight to fight playing as the different characters
  8. Not gonna lie kind of excited for the new photo mode editions
  9. If he lets us go to the clock tower than we can all really never complain about this game lmao
  10. Better than giant boss battle arena
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