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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. I kinda hope they let him slip in ansem or xemnas or even black hooded figure as a raid boss like how they had exdeath and Kefka
  2. Pretty much. He might not fully understand what they want from him, but hopefully there’s some nice effort put into boss designs and such
  3. And she has a hammer that the dev team is just going to accept lmao
  4. God i hope With nomura there it’s possible
  5. I agree, I’m so hyped for shadowbringers However I’m not looking forward to how they overhaul all the class abilities again
  6. I hope he designs the armor sets too T-T
  7. Nomura is going to be apart of ff xiv and I’m screaming
  8. wow i've never heard that before. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Sorry was adding to the darkness
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