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  1. Oh okay so there’s good reason to adjust the difficulty 🤔 good thing the mechanics of fighting are pretty simple And lots of unique pins too This game is going to take me a lot longer than the average play through for the music alone Do you have to adjust your level to get the medals from hard mode?
  2. Does playing on Hard lvl 1 give you medals you wouldn’t normally get? Or is it just for the challenge
  3. The music in NEO is too good holy shit
  4. That’s going to be a giant book
  5. Damn i loved assassins creed. I want to play Valhalla still but I think odyssey will be the last one I play, smh
  6. I really hope we get a Spider-Man trailer after the last Loki episode
  7. Nothing will play quite like that
  8. Yeah jump at 80 is perfect tbh
  9. All melee dps are fast except for dragoon Even then dragoon doesn’t feel that slow i main it
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