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  1. I finished jojo golden wind the other day and now i don’t know what anime to watch
  2. Time to see if the background music still puts me to sleep kek Beat the original in 100 hrs but I’m positive 20 of those hrs was me sleeping
  3. My friends helped me get P5R I’m so happy and grateful 😭
  4. Once those trump bucks come through I’m going to get it
  5. I want persona so bad T-T
  6. Until deku becomes the #1 hero Ongoing for sure Actually I’m not sure
  7. I wonder how long they’ll put s5 off for then
  8. Tbh I’m an anime only but i know about certain things that happen in the manga and that’s be a huge waste. How many arcs ahead is the manga? Just curious
  9. Agreed. I need that in my life
  10. If soul eater not can get an anime I sure hope vigilantes will especially with how popular mha is
  11. I’d say the remake is definitely going to be worth it I still need to pre order it myself
  12. I’m not looking forward to seeing that animated. Not one bit
  13. I know I’m late to the MHA party but I just watched a video on the latest chapter and I’m not okay 😢
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