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  1. I remember waiting for a jak 4 and instead we got frontier and I gave up hope
  2. Yo track 2 is bangin I like the little splash of twister in it
  3. Yeah you can fight the ceo of square Enix in the dlc Yoko really be doing what he wants
  4. It was a really good film. I theorized the plot a couple months ago to some coworkers and I’m glad my theory was right kek
  5. actually hbo max is fine. Comcast is just shit
  6. i'm trying to watch the snyder cut rn and hbo max is struggling lol
  7. This is real and hilarious
  8. Yooo Hikaru Utada is doing the music for the new evangelion movie!
  9. The ending to mandalorian season 2 was epic but also low key sad af : (
  10. I really enjoy the darth bane books. Hope they do something with him in the future
  11. Yeah that attack on titan episode was good af
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