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  1. I love how they finally bring pso2 to the west when ive already put so much time into the English patch version
  2. i heard something about un confirmed reports than xion is also playable
  3. MoM boss wouldnt be too weird
  4. who will we play in the secret episode
  5. i think its gonna me MoM most likley
  6. i can see a keyblade or 2 being apart of the paid DLC one for beating the remind episode and 1 for what ever secret boss
  7. not gonna hold my breath but im hoping we can play roxas, riku (with the option to use way to dawn) and aqua outside the DLC after we beat it
  8. isnt one proof just from collecting all the emblems
  9. i guess if you're past a certain point in the story and load up your game it just shows that you obtained it
  10. wait so the oathkeeper will just be given to us?
  11. Metal gear rising remaster
  12. So most ppl are just gonna watch the jedi fallen order stream
  13. They have different streams for they're different games
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