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  1. that gummiphone phone case is pretty expensive :bunbeeWat:
  2. at least terra looks better in the final version of 0.2 than the 2016 demo
  3. it does make me wonder if they're gonna update 0.2 a bit when porting it to Xbox, or if they're just gonna leave it like the PS4 version
  4. that does seem kinda dumb maybe they're having issues with porting it to Xbox? i mean, honestly i doubt that myself, but what other reason other than favoritism would there be
  5. like, why put it in 0.2 if it wasn't gonna be in 3... probably just for people that really like aqua, i dunno
  6. i kinda wish the customization from 0.2 was brought back in 3
  7. i legit forgot that i carried my ultima keyblade over to my critical and tricked myself into thinking that i'd actually made it twice that's sad considering i used it for most of the playthrough
  8. i mean, i played critical just cause i wanted to see how hard it was, considering i've never played a critical mode in kingdom hearts before
  9. maybe the concert video will be in the Special menu for people that got the bundle
  10. it's probably gonna be a selectable option in the "Special" menu, and it'll prompt you to select a save file to play with
  11. right... and we still don't know how we're gonna access the content
  12. i mean, it'd be nice if i had both keyblades for my standard re mind playthrough but if i only get both in critical that's ok
  13. i guess nothing about the thing i'm describing will be confirmed until the update's out
  14. i'm assuming that a file with only one proof will only get that one keyblade, though it probably won't be like "oh, you have them both on one file, so here's both keyblades on all the files"
  15. i have both proofs on critical, but of course my standard one only has the Promises one
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