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Everything posted by zeldafan1002

  1. remember how they said that the name of the new mobile game was 2 words, 8 letters combined
  2. anyone have any good videos on Elixr farming in KH3?
  3. anyone have any videos/tips on how to get out of bounds in Twilight Town, to get to the clock tower in Data Greeting
  4. hold on i need to read that again yeah i still don't get it oh wait your earlier messages ok that actually makes sense
  5. i was kinda hoping i could leave the room and at least walk around radiant garden swim time
  6. yeah cause i loaded my completed Limit Cut file in the main story and it still has the items i got for beating the different bosses
  7. is that really true? i thought you could just save in Limit Cut, and when loading that file you press square to go back to the main game
  8. i think for me, beating him was mostly chance cause i got rage form at random times and that form's dodges made avoiding stuff a bit easier OH yeah those suck big time
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