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  1. oh that counts as a spoiler
  2. Idk Personally I was looking forward to more abilities And if people are getting one-shot on the tutorial boss that's a not good thing
  3. after hearing what people have gone through, Crit does not sound appealing anymore
  4. Ooh nice I might try to watch it before Endgame then Since I couldn't get a ticket for opening weekend lol
  5. Lol they're showing off really old medals
  6. That hashtag tho lol
  7. Yeah it honestly hurts to see
  8. I guess it is hard to handle a fire on the roof of a big old wooden building
  9. Yeah, fortunately they evacuated quickly so no deaths/injuries
  10. Apparently they're also working on getting stuff out of the building
  11. Shit it's gotten way worse
  12. There's the Frollo joke
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