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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. Kyle J West

    General Chat

    lmao i swear liking square enix is like a heroine addiction
  2. Kyle J West

    General Chat

    so I just learned that square lost the source code to ff8 how many other games besides that and kh1 did the lose the source code too? how many other games besides that and kh1 did they lose the source code too?
  3. I wonder if HJO ever said "The sixth element is light" in his Sora voice before
  4. I bet Jesse McCartney has Zack and Cody in his
  5. I wonder what HJO's heart would look like if we could dive into it
  6. it's how I cope with the pain
  7. hey cut them some slack they had only 13 years to think of it
  8. Ansem 2 from KH3D but yeah ohh
  9. but what about the perfectly recreated disney scenes?? frame per frame!
  10. there's another page on cut content on khwiki too yoooo what if ansem summoned his heartless phallus ship and Xemnas armored it up with buildings from TWTNW
  11. https://kingdomhearts.fandom.com/wiki/Removed_content_in_the_Kingdom_Hearts_series enjoy
  12. I remember reading one about Randall's model from Monsters Inc being in 2fm too but I can't find the source on that
  13. buzz and woody models are in kh2fm files too so yeah
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