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  1. Death inevitable. Or should I say I am.
  2. People are dumb smh Iron Man just killed Thanos & Co.™ I slightly hoped we would've seen the Thanos Copter but knew we wouldn't It would've been funny though
  3. @Otti#8624 a Hawkeye show was never announced. Where did you get that information from?
  4. @Raxaimus_1552196138: speculates @hawk222_1550644792: omg you spoiled it and ruined it for me boohoohoo Like really? It's speculation, not fact
  5. Lmao Time stop Novocoto stops time and avoids the seagull shit Seagulls: we'll get em next time bois
  6. I waited till the end of the credits like a loyal fan anyways. There's an audio Easter egg from iron man at the end
  7. It's been confirmed that fantastic 4 and X-Men characters won't appear in movies for a couple years
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