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  1. looks like i have enough to buy 76 traits when the munny trait system comes out
  2. the medal got updated today i have the upgraded S&R medal
  3. im pissed i sold my xion medal a long time ago
  4. im glad with the update with the KH2 S&R i needed another medal that gives 10000 and supernova 12000
  5. oh never mind then i thought it did
  6. you missing out on Re:CoM @Epheymer
  7. i mean combat systems will continue to evolve
  8. looks like how nero use his devil arm back in dmc 4
  9. i mean my counterpoint is almost level 50 and has around 281k power on it
  10. right now im around 800 with just 1 re:nova
  11. i want to get another aqua re:nova so i can go from top 1000 to top 100
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