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  1. some of those question ask about khux and buying the jewels
  2. well that was quick got the blitz sora on the free draw
  3. @hawk222_1550644792 can i mooch off your party please
  4. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/339808234628055050/576554495492882443/t28z2od4sfx21.webp
  5. i better have rachel leigh cook voice tifa or their is going to be hell
  6. be glad it was not one of the pure magic keyblade or pvp would be broken again this week
  7. damn wreck it ralph firetrucks up mother gothel heartless took out 10 out of 11 bars on crit
  8. who all is happy they added critical converter to get rid of attraction flow
  9. Should only have lupo coin on beginner
  10. you know it is going to happen soon or do a kh3 version of frozen and bring back that one elsa supernova medal with hanz, ana, and olaf as supernovas im waiting for the goat-nort medal
  11. who is ready for them to release pirates of the carribean medals soon
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