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  1. i dont see it with Zendaya as kairi
  2. get ready for them to make prime medals tier 9 now
  3. you got 3 ventus and 2 roxas and one useless warrior of light
  4. https://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/news/russi-taylor-voice-actress-behind-minnie-mouse-dies-at-75/ar-AAEXP7q?ocid=spartanntp
  5. blarpkin

    General Chat

    wait nvm found mine
  6. blarpkin

    General Chat

    how do you find yourself
  7. hell im happy with 7th
  8. so how does one become apart of the hunger games
  9. where the firetruck did donald get firetrucking explosions
  10. when they let their guard kill him
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