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Everything posted by blarpkin

  1. looks like i have enough to buy 76 traits when the munny trait system comes out
  2. the medal got updated today i have the upgraded S&R medal
  3. im pissed i sold my xion medal a long time ago
  4. im glad with the update with the KH2 S&R i needed another medal that gives 10000 and supernova 12000
  5. oh never mind then i thought it did
  6. you missing out on Re:CoM @Epheymer
  7. i mean combat systems will continue to evolve
  8. looks like how nero use his devil arm back in dmc 4
  9. i mean my counterpoint is almost level 50 and has around 281k power on it
  10. right now im around 800 with just 1 re:nova
  11. i want to get another aqua re:nova so i can go from top 1000 to top 100
  12. if they did that i have 27 medals that i need to put traits on
  13. wish they put it back down to 100 jewels for the vip
  14. so many good medals to get this anniversary but getting the traits are the problem
  15. my counterpoint cant take anymore good magic medals
  16. i still need to get ven and aqua got lucky with terra on 3 pulls
  17. yea parents in kingdom hearts dont exist even though we never seen sora mom but heard her voice
  18. https://tenor.com/view/mbmbam-mcelroy-griffin-griffinmcelroy-adult-gif-9945036
  19. @hawk222_1550644792 nope she been gone since 2019 they tried to do their own channel but it failed and wes is in trouble with allegations
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