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  1. it is such a shame though i kinda hope they are not true but just damn
  2. i hope they dont do a patch to replace axel voice
  3. https://ptr.wowhead.com/news/new-voice-actor-for-kaelthas-sunstrider-previous-voice-lines-replaced-in-patch-9-321853 short version for those that dont play this they replace quiton flynn
  4. @ElectriCole kinda both atlas the company is name after the person who founded it kind of weird they dont have a first name for him
  5. so is the channel still going to be here or is it going away as well on may 31st
  6. dude can i have what your taking
  7. so that mean iceman in x-men 3 movie is gay?
  8. maybe they fixed greg @HuntSD#7607
  9. someone got the english copy early and posting videos on youtube
  10. i wish it was easier to get the new cards im just missing marluxia larxene and saix
  11. at 7:31 on the map it looks like a deadpool icon?
  12. bring back the prime tier 4 sora medal
  13. i feel bad for them i want to buy a couple of deluxe copys for all their long hard work
  14. you dont you must of not got enough sora&moogle medals to get the combine flan
  15. he is about to become a super saiyan when he turns 18
  16. i know it is just not just leveling it just been one of my problems trying to do speed leveling
  17. it needed delay they need to fix the exp leveling problem from 50-60
  18. i say axel since his target is all and terra is just one
  19. i want my 3 5th anniversary medals plz and now
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