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  1. BlueSpike

    General Chat

    I’ve never ached so bad to watch a movie, and that movie is Promare
  2. :’’’’’’’’’’’’
  3. hrm wait it doesn't... which goes with the story actually....
  4. Music question: Does "Friends in My Heart" ever play in KH3?
  5. Hey um... so that dark chirithy?
  6. I was about to ask how you make these and I gotta say you’re doing an awesome job at it :”>
  7. These are so beautiful ;-;
  8. Thank you @Novayon :’ )! Can I dm you @MeowWow ?
  9. Yees Hey um... Yeah, I really hope someone reads my question :’ ) I need help because I can’t log in
  10. Oof. Same Logging in is the best thing to do when one has a very busy schedule
  11. Hmm You must be quite an active player. I can see why they would make you leader ^^
  12. :’ oof I’m a leader too actually! I just need help ;-;;;;
  13. Yeah I can’t see the rankings tbh :’ )
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