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  1. Ngl that rating I’m out here wondering who’ll bleed/cuss first
  2. oh nmnd figured it out :' > oh thank X >
  3. hey all, did the quote "May your heart be your guiding key" first appear in KHUX Unchained or KH Backcover?
  4. My hand automatically hurt
  5. Wait did they announce game for best music yet
  6. @Evi98 that’s perfect ;-; tysm
  7. @Estoria#4001 ah yeah eheh... but like her KH3 version
  8. Yes ❤️😆 Yo...... we need a Kairi emote in this server
  9. @Inçendyne their latest episode had me wheezing so hard X’D
  10. Thank you for the beautiful ;-;-;;;;
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