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  1. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/836332810230300743/1082652156835938414/5DNHgXbJX0B5jYDZ.mov
  2. https://fxtwitter.com/BloodCrisisGame/status/1617708789054214145?s=20&t=AZH5QCxrFmHXzPJyFxtUGA a reply to that tweet
  3. At first i thought it was a strange way to spell Kevin
  4. I got a message that Daz got their account back im relieved, for one
  5. oh i did not realize my bad 😅
  6. it seems I was slow to the situation I apologize
  7. I hope so too. It's really scary to have that situation happen. I wanted to let everyone else know in case
  8. Hey, this is me guessing, but I think our good friend Daz may have their account hacked They sent me this link, and have not responded when I asked them questions. I want to make sure if anyone else got a message from them that is exactly the same. If so, please don't click it! if it turns out to not be a hack, that would be a relief
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