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  1. Let's see if I can get 2020 kills.
  2. How much enemies can you beat in Kingdom Hearts Dark Roads in one day and the total limit of BP?
  3. So far, I am only level 23 in Dark Road.
  4. Some of the goals for the BP feels like a waste of time.
  5. Is it even possible to battle 10,000 enemies in one day?
  6. Is the VIP Setzer medal worth it?
  7. I should just let my cell phone play on automatic because it gets pretty tedious having to fight enemy over enemy again and yet I can only beat ten enemies on Agrabah 2 stars.
  8. It seems like it's taking me forever just to get to level 20. I don't know why the game has to place me against that last giant Watermelon Heartless at the end. Ariel seems to be the only medal against it that does any sort of damage.
  9. I got my butt handed to me.
  10. Beating Chocolate Monster LV 3800 with the goals of Complete Within 3 Turns, Equip 3 or Fewer Medals, Complete Without Having To Continue and the condition is Only Special Attacks Requiring 3 or More Gauges Allowed. Here is my setup.
  11. Yeah. It says to use four or fewer medals.
  12. What medals should I use for missions 916 to 920?
  13. I am probably going to need to beat Cerberus.
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