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  1. I wish I could just make something like KH still have something like a Nobody and the protagonist being sort of like Roxas but his former self just pretty much died. And rather than just go to the Disney worlds, the Disney worlds are like they were in the television series.
  2. Hell

    General Chat

    Do we have a pet section to post pics of our pets?
  3. I wish I could download my old data from UX and Dark Roads instead of starting all over again. I am currently at level 14 and just grinding to where I am not losing to a level 22 Heartless.
  4. @inari_sune I sure hope so. Xion and Roxas have pretty much looked the same age forever.
  5. Luxu not Lucy, damn autocorrect.
  6. @Silent Multiverse So Lucy's the scapegoat? Or is traitor just a title?
  7. So with Xehanort gone, does that mean the player will come back and how will that affect their relationship with the Dandelions?
  8. Is the player responsible for xehanort's actions?
  9. Which piece is the player's?
  10. What even is the point of titles anyways?
  11. I'll see if it can beat them.
  12. I got Sephiroth from the 500 jewel banner.
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