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  1. Has anyone heard anything on KH3 Official OST?
  2. Aqua being Xehanort's daughter would be a great plot twist, just saying I actually like the idea
  3. https://tenor.com/view/hangover-spongbob-hungover-insomnia-sleepless-gif-3856790 Me the next morning after endgame
  4. Well more of its the final chapter prologue, not the actual story itself
  5. I played Oscurita Di Xehanort in my head during the final battle and it sent chills down my spine Endgame is literally the KH3 of the MCU Infinity War was the Dream Drop DIstance.
  6. Also, something just hit me: Thanos Snap - *"They can take your world..." People dusting - "They can take your heart..." Tony stark contemplating the loss - "cut you loose from all you know..." Iron Man's Death scene, showing peter and pepper watching him pass - "But if its your fate, then every step forward will always be a step closer to home." RIP Tony Stark
  7. Holy crap this broke me more than KH3 Now imagine if thanos had the x-blade as well as the stones
  8. Jett

    Memes Chat

    Guys Two bears are eating a dusk and one says to the other: "I taste nothing"
  9. Jett

    General Chat

    I mean its a video surrounding the ending, but you know people can rea the description without clicking on the video, right? Its literally KH3 all over again for me.
  10. Jett

    General Chat

    Hey guys, be careful if you subscribe to IGN on YouTube. They put a MASSIVE spoiler in the description of one of their endgame videos.
  11. Bells frogs bing cherries jingle bells magic cheese SEPHIROTH
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