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  1. Dylan

    Gaming Chat

    I havent seen the trailer yet cause i have horrible data here... but im hyped for Bakugan
  2. Definitely just seems like a price holder
  3. A 2 tb console for 399
  4. I knew there was some drama with her but didnt know what its about
  5. I thought Tsushima and Sekiro were the same game for a long time
  6. i mean perfect timing if it is Green Arrow
  7. i would actually be okay with that..?
  8. i mean i thought it was cool that he was there it showed they didnt forget about him lol
  9. well there was supposed to be Nyx dlc i think
  10. i realize i said "the nyx" and i dont know why
  11. god i wish they did more with Nyx
  12. Yeah but since it's already started I'll just have to watch it tomorrow F
  13. Wait the new episode is out
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