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  1. Nomura is very salty, but very powerful 😂
  2. ^ Something like that is what I think is happening, yeah.
  3. @FrankFromDiscord FFXIII had a segmented ATB bar. This might be somewhat like that, where you can store and interrupt attacks.
  4. Yeah, he said on a scale of KH > Dissidia > FF, it's between Dissidia and FF, so it's not as action based as KH.
  5. They said more info in June. Between the orchestra and Square E3, that lines up. Release date probably during one of those.
  6. @ConnahDC They're also a lot more common. 8K TVs/monitors are pretty much nonexistent, to your average consumer.
  7. @ConnahDC Most people don't have a 120 FPS+ monitor, and nearly every TV is 60 hz, so...I doubt they'd target that market, sadly.
  8. ^ Yeah, 8K 60FPS seems very pie-in-the-sky.
  9. And PS5 is reportedly backwards compatible, so...
  10. I bet PS5 will bump it up to 60 FPS and perhaps 4K as well, with 8K 30 FPS or something.
  11. @Light5 Thanks! That'll definitely be an interesting weekend.
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