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  1. Dry Bowser

    General Chat

    Well alright thought I ask thanks. I'll go ahead and delete the link.
  2. Dry Bowser

    General Chat

    Strange. Then who does this stuff?
  3. Dry Bowser

    General Chat

    Quick question but are you guys in charge of doing the soundtracks and all?
  4. Yep. It was in honor of the 3rd anniversary.
  5. Just saw a commercial of KHx on FOX.
  6. I think I should get a lot of jewels before doing summons.
  7. I got a lot of Xion medals.
  8. Dry Bowser

    General Chat

    Can you guys imagine Jason in KH?
  9. Oh that's good cause I like her armor.
  10. Oh okay. What about an Aqua armor?
  11. Since the anniversary is here. Will the armor outfits be here?
  12. I know...but I sometimes can't help but wonder. A lot is going on.
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