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  1. wanda vision wanda vision wandavision!
  2. https://i.redd.it/fhgbu31mz3x21.jpg Dr. Strange watching 1 in 14,000,605 outcome from titan.
  3. Cap wielding Mjolnir. Cap finally saying “Avengers Assemble.” Everyone coming back. Just literally the entire movie was great.
  4. Albeit in the very far future considering she’s five.
  5. My theory is that it is a hint. It could also be Morgan making her own suit.
  6. @Mupstun It was a callback to the very first Iron Man. It’s Tony Stark creating his suit to escape the cave.
  7. The theory is that Loki’s show is about the alternate timeline Loki, yeah. It’s confirmed it’s about him travelling through history and famous historical moments so it makes sense. WandaVision is theorised to be about Wanda and Vision in the present. Shuri has Vision’s data from Endgame so she can easily rebuild him. From Infinity War, sorry. And then it can lead to their kids, Speed and Wiccan becoming a part of the Young Avengers. And Falcon/Winter Soldier could easily be about who becomes Captain America. They could argue about it and shit. And BW’s is set in the 90s, iirc.
  8. ? i kinda think that was a part of tony's as well. considering her family was the avengers
  9. I have. Feel free to ask in Endgame Spoilers or DMS.
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