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  1. If it's BFM TV, it's not TV It's propaganda
  2. Exclusives on a same system is just beyond stupid
  3. Well not really, you keep A or X pressed and it's easy, you just have to be careful not to tilt your joystick forward too soon or late Actually, it isn't so bad, although I know the first Crash got the physics of the two later games What's harder though is Cortex's lasers, they're more detailed therefore it's harder to get when you can spin on them Same for when Brio is hulked out, it's a bit tricky to know when you can safely jump on his head One day Crash 4 will be on Steam, and CTR too ONE DAY No Battle.net 🤡 Activision so Battle.net Blizzard's launcher It should have been 😦
  4. Running away from pedobear when you're a key-holding kid Funny experience Brought me back to my childhood waitwat
  5. Oh so there's a murder mode in KH? And that pedo game too?
  6. Okay so as a noob I'm just firetrucking proud of having beaten the Stormy Ascent level in Crash 1 If I trust the successes'stats on Steam, not even 10% of the players have obtained every main gems So, I don't know I just know this level is hard and I'm proud I managed to end it breaking every box :c You can go duck yourself Time trials were created by people who never play video games Stormy Ascent has one HOW IN THE NAME OF SANITY Did they think it was a good idea Actually, it isn't too hard when you have checkpoints But on PS1 with that GREAT idea that you had to never die to validate the broken boxes Holy goddamn hell Although I'll never get people saying those two bridges levels are the hardest The hardest is knowing when to immobilize a turtle And that's it
  7. Saw some gameplay of the MOBA Pokémon. Just as I expected: the Pokémon skin doesn't change the fact it's one of the least interesting genre in gaming with BR
  8. Can this role be the left side of my bed please?
  9. Nintendo is only discovering technology, it's like a grandma with her first journey on the internet Their app to do matchmaking Such a beautiful idea
  10. So this guy is basically a supervillain abusing his employees and he will get out of this free? Ah, capitalism What a pretty thing
  11. I hate this world where the producer's name is put before the director because it attracts more consumers
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