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  1. "Dear developers, you'll be free...to leave if you're not happy with our demands."
  2. I love those free games you need a subscription to enjoy At this rate, we'll soon say Netflix series are free
  3. So there'll be comics crossover between Batman and Fortnite Just when you wonder if the world can really get worse
  4. Now as pessimistic as I look, it's an RPG (the Pokémon remake) so I'm in, but it's still a shameful remake
  5. It's a lazy port of a 10 years-old game
  6. I mean, Skyward Sword """HD""" at 60 bucks
  7. It looks shameful for a Switch I mean It's gonna be full price
  8. So they made a 3DS remake of a DS game before porting it on Switch?
  9. So the biggest reveal of that State of Play was a DLC And I thought they wouldn't be worse than the last Nintendo Direct
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