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  1. I might sell all my PS4 KH games along with my PS4 Pro and get everything on my PC instead
  2. I need to finish ViiR someday
  3. I miss this game. :MichSad:
  4. I feel like turn based doesn’t really fit modern games
  5. Don't worry, I didn't actually change his name, I reverted back to Squall before clicking confirm. :MichiSmile:
  6. First time playing this...~
  7. I've been summoned by YouTube recommendations haha I knew you'd be happy about this KYE (hi btw! been a while )
  8. I should watch this someday, I've never seen Porco Rosso.
  9. I haven't watched any superhero movie since I watched Guardians of the Galaxy a few months back
  10. I see people are still talking about superhero stuff here, it never change :MichiEvil:
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