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  1. I’ve never seen Hazbin Hotel, but I like your profile pic
  2. > Is that even the case on PS4 pro? Like... yikes man @Superslash As a PS4 Pro player, I can confirm the bad textures were indeed there.
  3. You missed mine on the 13th Inçen. :MichiSad: Happy birthday Pachi!
  4. I played MoM through remote play on my mom’s TV downstairs yesterday (my PS4 Pro is upstairs), it was surprisingly still very playable!
  5. But for MoM I would probably simply connect them to my controller via the aux cable
  6. I connect them directly to my TV via bluetooth, they’re not compatible with my PS4 (my TV has Bluetooth which is pretty neat)
  7. > you can but you need to have a good receiver with ~0.1 ms latency @GoldenDrummer730#4323 Yeah, not gonna work with my headphones, they lag a lot
  8. > also play with headphones if you can people, it'll help with keeping the beats @GoldenDrummer730#4323 Don't use bluetooth headphones though!
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