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  1. Another question: this kind of is regarding to MatPat's theory on the Arendelle we see in kh3 is actually a kind of "censored" version of the original intent in order to keep the image of Elsa as an overall good role model, and she was originally supposed to be the main antagonist of that world. Hopefully you've seen it. do you agree with this theory, or in general that Disney will be more controlling (possibly in a negative way) over the Disney content in kingdom hearts games in order to keep the standard of their brand?
  2. it's been two months since kh3 came out, and they still haven't released kh4, wtf it may be too soon to ask, but what are your hopes for kh4? are you expecting like 500 games across all platforms in between main titles, as tradition goes? do you think we'll see it in this life or the next lmao
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