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  1. Oh this is for his alternative costumes and spirits
  2. So I made Sora's content if he is possible for Smash, stage, theme songs and moveset What do you guys think? Just to clarify, my English is treacherous with me sometimes
  3. I'm not questioning haha
  4. So it's useless to get them again
  5. Looks like you can get another 7 orichalcum + in a critical mode plus... But what are their use for? A second Ultima weapon?
  6. Apolion

    General Chat

    Sure... I didn't watch it entirely but I did know what he was going to do
  7. Apolion

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    Guys.... If you encounter a video from a user called @MadTitanThanus on Twitter please just block and report it...
  8. Apolion

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    You know people... After playing KHIII so much, I can't view KHIIFM the same way like before and is that I don't feel the same fun in KHIIFM like KHIII, of course KHIIFM is amazing but KHIII got my heart
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