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  1. @hawk222_1550644792 wow man, thank you for saving the picture for me, I already saw the complete armor but thank you for that
  2. hey guys can you do me a favor? Can you show me a picture with your avatar using the anniversary armor and this vip helmet, please? I'd like to see them together
  3. Hey guys, I'm looking for a Vulpes or Unicornis Party in the JP Version, I'd like to join one with support in friend medals at date and support in deluxe raid weeks, I play casually in normal weeks only
  4. Not exactly the best, Sora surpassed him with only one keyblade and now he is like a god in KHIII but people love Roxas the most because his personality isn't like Sora
  5. A retelling of the first game would be nice for the show if that rumor is true
  6. Guys, are duotype keyblades worth the upgrade? Because all of my monotype keyblades are level 40 And I know triotype keyblades aren't worth the upgrade but I don't know about duotype keyblades
  7. @Noleen I see, I thought it was a reward lel
  8. Guys, I've seen people using Cloud, Tifa and Aerith's different dresses after Chapter 9, How did they do that?
  9. I think I might know something but I guess I should wait just in case for part 2 2. How did Zack survive this time? And which "timeline" is this? The remake timeline or the original timeline? And where are Cloud and company when they head to the portal created by Aerith? What "timeline" is that?
  10. So I have many questions after beating the game 1. I never played the original so I don't know if this is part of the remake or the original game but what was Cait Sith doing there? And why does he look so frustrated after watching the destruction of sector 7?
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