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  1. but everything until graveyard is filler
  2. you can't tank the attack that kills you, sadly
  3. how to get away with not knowing the names of the characters
  4. https://tenor.com/view/mr-bean-checking-time-waiting-gif-11570520
  5. one of the greatest kh3 scenes????
  6. didn't they say that the dlc would come out before 2020
  7. Neptuna

    General Chat

    I don't think the prequel is 1000 years in the past wasn't it about targaryens or something?
  8. Neptuna

    General Chat

    oh actually there are some spinoffs on the works
  9. Neptuna

    General Chat

    I watched only gameplay tho I still wanted to hold hopes for the story
  10. Neptuna

    General Chat

    I enjoyed the kh3 ones 👀
  11. Neptuna

    General Chat

    I unvoluntarily saw a few seconds of it I guess somewhere it's already airing
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