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  1. On one hand I can see why they left them out bc of the crowded storyline - but on the other hand its part of the recipe for success in the series - part of the charm and could've been worked in
  2. well I can understand why you would feel that way - there were justifiable criticisms to the game
  3. I did have fun playing the game - I would give it like a 7.5 tho maybe 8 if the DLC gives some goodies
  4. not a fan of Chi becoming canon but it is what it is now....i feel it was needless tho
  5. Nomura started ruining the plot in DDD and flushed it down the toillet with Chi/UX - mostly bc i hate all the retcons - too many to excuse - missed opportunites on cameos - missed multiplayer opportunities like playable kairi or playable Lea fighting Saix - I could go on
  6. terra and guardian was poorly expalined - made no sense and was retconned from previous interviews
  7. i liked it and parts disappointed me too..yeah there were lots of missed opportunities
  8. I was talking about Kittens comment not that you were doing it right now lol
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