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  1. lmao i don't remember any other time where Sora was that harsh although the dialogue in com was hars as well i think
  2. I have bought kh1 like 4 times :ummm: oof playing kh on mobile would be dope I'd buy them again
  3. that package is sexy, I bought the story so far lol but wouldn't mind buying that again :ummm: I want that box, sucks only NA tho :PepeRa:
  4. how long until the story of this game finishes?
  5. Saving lots of gummi time is something I appreciate a lot, thank you Orph
  6. lol I beat the game first time in around 45 hours I'm lazy with the gummi missions for ultima weapon :sad:
  7. :KEKW: I have yet to 100% it, I need to beat it on Critical still tho :PepeRa:
  8. you're right @Evi98 in the scene where Luxu reveals himself I think he summoned them, completely forgot about that
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