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  1. Wonder what saga Marvel brings after this
  2. The remixes are pretty good And some of the original soundtracks are awesome
  3. and Sora just bending his knees and crying
  4. Lea getting slapped :GWqlabsKek:
  5. like, they all are keyblade wielders with 3 officiial masters there
  6. the time travel one gave me a brain fart, the Chirithy was funny for me HAHAHHA
  7. The one where they all "die" they do nothing
  8. hahahhahaha that cutscene really tilted me
  9. that scene was weird for me why didn't anyone fight they just stand there, doing nothing being sucked up by darkness
  10. I'm sorry if you guys already said this, I bet you did.
  11. hmm haven't really been up was it in a interview? So he changed a prophecy?
  12. wasn't it something like a different world realm? rather than time traveling?
  13. hahahha that was a big brain fart the first time I went through the game
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