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  1. I hear from Corona on, it's WAY more enjoyable.
  2. Toy Box is such a gem of a world, honestly.
  3. I had to do that too. Man... tackling is just living recklessly, but it still helped.
  4. The dragon looking toys that swipe you and have thunderbolts.
  5. The Gigas are a lifesaver. Literally. I had to camp behind corners and shoot like my life depended on it (cause it did) and made it out with a small bit of health on the Gigas to spare.
  6. Supreme Smashers are pain.
  7. Meow Wow saved my ass in TT.
  8. Everyone enjoying Critical?
  9. Nobodies are the bane of my existence.
  10. Just beat the Titans. Gaaawtdamn... I can't believe how difficult that was.
  11. Mostly, "IVE DIED 20 TIMES THIS HURTS SO GOOD LOL". Some people are saying that Critical Mode is crap lmao, but I don't take those seriously.
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