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  1. Did we ever find the Key to return hearts or did I miss that entirely I was too busy trying to get the power of awakening Unless it's the same thing?
  2. Thanks! All good gameplay quet ideas!
  3. Thanks! Do you have the answers?
  4. if u guys think of any more quiz MCQ style questions let me know, I'm a tag away x
  5. He did a presentation right?
  6. Thanks otti! Yeah I was wondering how you would know about the dlc already!
  7. Thanks! @ConnahDC what is the answer? @Novayon sounds good! Must pick a quote that's not overused then lol Btw, does anyone know how many stars there are in the final world? I was thinking a question based on that
  8. Hello guys, I'm hosting a KINGDOM HEARTS cosplay meet-up at the MCM London Comic Con on May 24 (if you're going there please drop by!), and am planning a multiple choice quiz on KH3... Do you guys have ideas for questions I could ask that are not too hard but not too easy either? I'm brainstorming at the moment for a mix of gameplay and story related questions from KH3, then a sprinkle from the series in general 🤔
  9. Bubble tea is my fave!
  10. I have a bit of heavy cream with my tea/coffee
  11. Seriously tho: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.eater.com/platform/amp/2018/9/21/17846630/cheese-tea-trend-explained
  12. I have it with my bubble tea!
  13. It's like a salty cream cheese Like u know how u put whipped cream on coffee/tea Similar energy, but heavier
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