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  1. Ah no I mean I was getting the timing wrong on the blue arrows But I paid attention to the circles and I got it right now full chain yay
  2. In confused about jump+attack combos on the flying heartless tho Idk I jump and press A and it still breaks my chain? Ah nvmguess I just haven't been quick enough?
  3. Omg I just started this game, the menu tune is so playful and lovely 😭🙏
  4. Not sure if this was discussed already, but, sad.
  5. i think nomura liked the idea and decided to include it in the story
  6. the manga for KH2 featured a winner stick before 358/2 days was even out
  7. i'm pretty sure they're licensed
  8. Someone got in top of someone else
  9. Does anyone here know how to edit a video so its playback speed is twice as much?
  10. does anyone have a link to watch the microsoft press conference please? im lost
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