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  1. sadtofu

    Fan Art Chat

    Chicken scratches at midnight The third is sepho-senpai btw. Not ansme
  2. sadtofu

    General Chat

    Just bc i got confused and y'all gotta make it a big deal?
  3. sadtofu

    General Chat

    Haha 😒 Funny
  4. sadtofu

    General Chat

    What game is that It looks like XV
  5. sadtofu

    General Chat

    I cant wait to use them after tomorrow
  6. sadtofu

    General Chat

    Im a kid after all and i have aLOT to learn about 😂
  7. sadtofu

    General Chat

    I hate ir Being naive To everything But what should i do?
  8. sadtofu

    General Chat

    PFF I CANNOT Nevermind it
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