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  1. Yeah the particles in sfm really weren’t doing me any favors so I created the effect myself. The outcome looks good though.
  2. Thanks. It wasn’t a particle. The original footage of that scene was just Vanitas keyblade popping into the frame. I just edited the scene by adding a white plane over it, as well as feathering it to give a white blurry look and then used a blending option to give it a glow effect.
  3. When your brother sleeps through his School Zoom Meeting.
  4. To those who are Sonic Fans Shadow voiced by Nathanel Platier
  5. To those who are Sonic fans https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYyxe6NCR45dnY9NYJ1j0nA
  6. Yeah I’ll double check soon.
  7. No the eyes were put in correctly, the material and shader should be fine. There has to be some kind of setting that I am missing that is causing the eyes to go white in cycles, cause they are fine in Evee. Also for some reason this model is the only one I can get for blender 2.9 and it wasn’t even the right one😂 I downloaded the roxas model without the coat and it gave me this.
  8. To anyone who uses these models in blender, do you know how to fix the eyes? hey show up find in Evee but stay white in Cycles??
  9. Completely forgot about this model in my flashdrive thank you @KinoKey !!!!
  10. Making things look a bit more professional on YT😅
  11. Yo saw that man! Looked dope. The lips synchronize perfect with the lips.🔥 Yo saw that man! Looked dope. The lips synchronize perfect with the lips.🔥
  12. Hell yeah!!! Wait 5:00 AM?! It’s says 9 on PST for me?!!
  13. Also I still believe Ventus story is still needed to@be figured out. Because if Lea and Isa find Skuld aka Project X than that could lead to Ventus getting his memories back. Also we will most likely see Luxord again in the next game as we see him driving in Quadratum with Yozora.
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