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  1. So. I left my phone on last night and let dark road run. Woke up this morning and it was still going. Earned a bunch of BP though. But yeah, truly is a game which plays itself lmao
  2. Okay just updated Looks kinda fun? The story looks interesting though. Never thought Eraqus was such a slacker in his younger days
  3. Is the card battle system by any chance similar to Fate Grand Order?
  4. I have perhaps a silly question but I keep seeing news that KHUx is nearing the end of its life. My question is once Dark Road unveils and KHUx sinks, will there be any bonuses transferrable over to DR from having played UX?
  5. But yeah I do agree that the traditional keyblade pose is over used It's very similar to the way Cloud holds the buster blade as well I mean they could try the Tidus pose I suppose KH Terra's battle distance is similar to Tidus's
  6. Kinda like nun-chucks but with one really long stick
  7. Nomura: "you wanted unique!?" Nekminit the next new KH character holds the Keyblade by the shaft and attacks by whacking the opponents with the handle and guard
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