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  1. that's right, end of week is end of 90 days Beginner Board...
  2. 😵 https://api-s.sp.kingdomhearts.com/information/detail/68315
  3. I've gots the Thunder and Blizzards, hope there's another guaranteed magic card banner during the event that is, If wind is paramount for completion
  4. @hawk222_1550644792 spam those mini melons in Agra4* while they're still here
  5. to clear the beginner's board? luckily that'll still be up for over a month, so you have time (I just finished the last of my fat bandits last night)
  6. i hear that the pot scorpion in WS is at a lower level than Agra3*?
  7. i still need the pot scorpion, winning streak, and advanced FoS
  8. true, just checking if you've knocked out the 1k passive for them
  9. farmable and upgradable t3 setzer event when???
  10. is bp a nod at the battle gates?
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