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  1. Okay wow this community has gotten toxic. I’m out..
  2. Imagine how the victims feel..
  3. But I’m glad to hear Flynn wasn’t in the wrong here. Despite as creepy as the audio was lol... I mean I will never be able to hear axel the same again. But that just wasn’t meant for public ears obviously.. so I hope he doesn’t have any issues with future employment
  4. Yes. I believe in this situation he was the victim. It sounded like he had a spiteful ex fling that was Consensual and she didn’t like that he ended things. Men can also be victims for sure. But all my point was, is we need to always hear out accusations.. it’s horrible to be wrongfully accused of something but as horrible if not worse to try to get justice for something and people immediately dismiss it because they think it’s untrue..
  5. Oof I didn’t see the other pages . I just saw that first image. So my apologies if there was actually a ruling. But still what I said doesn’t change for most situations..
  6. That’s never going to change in this day and age of social media.. everyone will have an opinion about everything if it’s public knowledge. It sucks for sure if the accusations are not true! But this post by Flynn is again just his word vs her’s... this still doesn’t prove him innocent, but you all immediately are taking his word over her’s...
  7. I’m not saying they’re guilty. I’m saying the accusations should be taken as real. There is a difference. Yes they aren’t guilty until that accusation is proven... but the fact that most people these days just question if any accusation is real as their first thought is alarming and a huge problem..
  8. You should always take accusations seriously.. this is why women are scared to come out about abuse or misconduct.. because people just immediately wonder if it’s fake.. like how about we switch mentalities and immediately take it as real and alarming then find the innocence later if there is any... sure there are victims out there, some women do this out of spite for some reason, which is horrible!.. But just because there are a few bad apples out there doesn’t mean we should let them spoil the bunch.. always. Take. Accusations. Seriously..
  9. Yea I’ll check it out!
  10. I like this character more though
  11. I feel like I was more interested in iron fist. Which wasn’t much interest at all lol
  12. Yea for a martial arts movie it will be pretty cool. But idk as a “super hero” movie lol
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