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  1. Yes. This is very much a cw show 😂
  2. She sadly won’t get an Oscar because she is woman and not white! @HuntSD#7607
  3. Wait the powerpuff girl show is... from CW? Why do the insist on making horrible shows? Like literally just the worst? Is that their goal? Have they just embraced it at this point?
  4. I legit read that as “prince Phillip has died again” and I was like... I knew it
  5. Ugh.. Honestly I’m kinda surprised I haven’t been spoiled yet by manga readers lol
  6. ... lol I hope the ending is them just all being shoved in the microwave and there is a 5 min montage of them all brutally being horribly murdered by blowing up and melting
  7. That was literally JUST posted above this lmao
  8. Don’t sugar coat it! 😂
  9. So I’m always overly critical with everything I watch, you and hunt are overly accepting. We need someone who is a happy medium lol
  10. And they butchered my boi
  11. Going to be a 40 min long movie
  12. But I’m skipping all the human shit lol
  13. I will watch it again
  14. Not mid fight thankfully. But damn did this movie take a while to kick into gear lol there is atleast a good 15 mins before you even see any action
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