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  1. > @hawk222_1550644792 we should pay VERY close attention to that fact actually. Very few people don’t become heartless when they die. And the fact that she disappears the way that she does suggests that she was indeed struck down with a keyblade. I smell some Princesses of Heart / Heart of Pure Light shenanigans.
  2. What’s the “doom multiplier” is that new, or am I daft? Or is that just a JP thing. Ohhh that’s the “count”
  3. Hmmm, maybe just buy the trait medals for Ventus and Terra for when I eventually do get them. Yeah I think I might go for Tifa and Seph as well I need some good speed and reverse medals
  4. That’s a gooooood point! That is how I got Aqua
  5. Ahhhh it’s sooooo tempting! Do I go for the SN Renew Ventus and Terra? I’ve got close to 30K gems. But I wonder if they are bait for something big. It seems like a good deal since the FF7 Remake ones aren’t really interesting to me at the time. @hawk222_1550644792 you’re usually a good voice of reason here. You too @Inçendyne Or do I say screw it and go for Tifa since she’s reflect AND defense pierce.
  6. So much for spending my own jewels on that banner, they are giving out 10,000 free jewels, so draw draw away people! Or, wait! Did everyone get that? Or did I actually win one of the weekly 50 10,000 jewels?
  7. Bait banner or not, I pulled and I am sooooo glad I did! I got some medals like Xion and Elsa and Sephiroth where I have been WAITING with trait medals I had over 20,000 jewels so I figured why not since they are all boosted
  8. > i still think ven is a red herring hes written to be one @Silent Multiverse I’m with you on this one. The more and more your dissect Ven’s narrative arc in KHUX, the more you see him being used less as a character and more as plot device. He’s the vehicle by which things are moving along, which points to red herring. > like, hypothetically darkness still exists somewhere, but not as vanitas. vanitas being more like an offspring/offshoot of darkness @hawk222_1550644792 I’m also in agreement that Vanitas is darkness, but he’s not DARKNESS. Ven is being used here as the “we all have darkness and light within us” trope and has been since the whole theme of BBS. I really hope that it’s not going this route, but I’m almost certain that it is, that they are building out to this whole “light can be be just as bad as darkness” thing. I think that is the MoM’s true aim, to bring balance. Furthermore, we call Darkness, Darkness because that’s what he told us to call him. That doesn’t mean he is “evil” and thing could be happening the way that they need to be. Darkness possessing someone in order to effect the outcome of something we’ve seen recently, with Sora literally spiriting into the bodies of his comrades in Re:Mind. wink
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